How to organise your connection

At NEV Power, we like to make things as easy and straight forward as possible for you in organising your electricity connection.

Your builder will probably be the first person who will want an electrical connection to your building block. This will be used by your builder to power tools and equipment used on the building site. You should check with your builder but generally, you as the owner will be responsible for the cost of power supplied during the construction period.

 In order to arrange for an electrical connection to your building block you will need to complete the Application for NEV Power Network.NP Application for Connection to NEV Power Network 24 03. This application form must be completed and approved prior to making a connection to the Narara Ecovillage electricity network infrastructure for which NEV Power is the exempt Licensee under the AER regulations. All network connections must be approved by NEV Power prior to being made. Complete and sign the form, scan and return to [email protected].

The application for connection includes an assessment of your buildings Energy Demand Assessment with maximum demand calculations according to AS 3000. 

An application fee of between $400 and $750 dependant on single or 3 phase power is required to be paid when the electrical connections are finalised . NEV Power will initially provide a Smart Meter for installation by an approved electrical contractor to enable your builder to establish power to the site. Further meters, if required, and the home energy management system will be provided when requested by your builder.

Where a secondary dwelling is to be connected on a single lot, the applicant must decide if it will be separately metered. If you require seperate metering then a separate application to connect must be completed. Note – if you intend to rent out the second dwelling the tenants in a dwelling must be separately metered.

Within 21 days of the connection being made, a NSW Fair Trading Certificate of Compliance for Electrical Work, and a copy of the Electrical Service Diagram and meter details for the work must be supplied to NEV Power for our records.

Please note that before power can be supplied, once the meter is installed, you must execute an energy contract with NEV Power. Please see the next page Setting up an Energy Agreement.