Narara Ecovillage Strategic Plan

Narara Ecovillage 6-point Strategic Plan 2022-2030

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Dave Burrows In a collaborative process lasting several months, members of Narara Ecovillage developed 6 objectives for 2030 in the areas of biodiversity, food growing, collaboration, regenerative business and carbon emissions. The Plan has six objectives which the Ecovillage will seek to achieve by 2030. For each Objective, a Circle or Working Group has been designated to develop strategies, implement …

A Tale of Two Houses

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The Gosford Horticulture Research Station was established by the State Government as Narara Viticulture Nursery in 1912 as a consequence of failures to produce Phylloxera-resistant rootstocks to combat a major outbreak of the Phylloxera aphid in the grape growing areas in NSW and Victoria. Heritage House Of the two residences built on the 220 acres, the Heritage House was built 1915-1916 …

Village Day in January

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The Village kicked off the year with a new format for the monthly Open Days. Renamed to Village Days we are inviting you to join us for ‘a day at the village’ – we’d love you to join in the fun and comaraderie of a group of people working and playing together. During the year as we start to build …

Bushfire Mitigation at the Village

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At the last Land Team meeting, Tony Hester appraised the group about the threat of Bushfire to our village. Tony said: ‘Of all the risks, bushfire remains the number 1 threat to this property.’ He added: ‘Under the section 88b instrument, the Co-op and all private land owners have an ongoing obligation to maintain the whole of stage 1 as …

Civil Construction 3rd Sept 2016

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Quote for the week “One minute you look and think ‘well that’s never going to happen’ and then a couple of hours later with really BIG equipment the landscape changes before your eyes.” – Joy

The Project – Oct 2015

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The Project – October 2015 Organisation – the People We have a Project Director; a Construction Project Manager for Stage 1 infrastructure and the Bower Cluster; a Community Architect who liaised with the firm Hill Thalis to produce our Masterplan and about 20 other consultants. We have a Project Team, a Community Development Team, a Land Team, Buildings & Infrastructure Team …

Project updates are on their way.

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We’ve heard feedback from many folk that we need to get more information on this site. Particularly in relation to the project status but also things we are seeing with other Ecovillages around the world! As we start to pull together the content we’d love to hear what you’d like to see. Comment below and see what we can do! …